Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Two Types of Brass Stair Rods

Principally there are 2 main types of brass stair rods available. The first type is made from a cased steel tube which is available either as a round tube or a quadrant - otherwise known as a triangular tube - is a steel tube which has been rolled from a flat strip to form the tube. This tube is then covered with a sleeve, consisting of a thin layer of brass or chrome. Cased tube is an inexpensive way of making brass stair rods, running the full width of the carpet tread, the tube fits into stair eye's which are locators to secure the tube across the carpet. The stair eyes are fitted to the stairs each side of the carpet. The stair eyes have a plate on the side into which you can screw a variety of different finials.

The alternative and more prestigious form of rods are made and turned from solid brass rodding. The brass rodding is cut to the overall size required, which is then placed in a capstan lathe. As the brass rodding rotates rapidly along its horizontal axis, a specially designed cutter, or tool then shaves and cuts away the brass, shaping it to make either a ball, acorn or spun end. Fixing these brass stair rods to the stairs is a different principal than on the cased brass stair rods, again brass stair eyes are fitted to the stairwell either side of the carpet, however in this instance the eyes are "open" and have a hole to accommodate the rod.

The rod is fed through the hole, thus preventing the carpet from moving as you walk up and down the stairs. Brass stair rods look stunning against the carpet and hold the carpet in a fine and distinguished manner. They also add an additional safety factor to your stairs where carpet runners have been used. The carpet remains much more secure and the edges fixed tightly down so that trip hazards are avoided. This is particularly important when you have children who so often run up and down the stairs without being aware of any dangers!


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