Saturday, December 26, 2009

Receivers of limited dimensions

It is a marvel to log in in a house and to find us with a wide and well decorated receiver. Nevertheless this is not the most common thing. The meters of the receivers come down to the caress weather that the apartments do it.

Receiver Porada

Nevertheless, the esthetics can shine of the same way, independently of the available meters.

These are three proposals that you can include in the receiver of your house. All very original ones and with a deserving design of all our attention.

Clothes rack of Porada

Clothes racks, mirrors and small supports in which to deposit the keys, on having logged in, there are furniture which dimensions will adapt themselves perfectly to the available space.

Clothes rack of Porada

A solitary clothes rack can turn out to be a scarce decoration, but one like this one, with a really innovative design, seasoning is sufficient for a small, but sophisticated receiver at the same time.

You photograph: Porada


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