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Wednesday, June 30, 2010



By Dr. Ernest Wong

Hotel Ciputra, 3-5 July 2010


"Met Pak Tung Afternoon, Thank you very much for giving knowledge to children

I: Monica, Ryan and Ricky. I see tremendous progress in Ryan (9 years)

memorize fast that her teacher said 'Ryan always gets sophisticated

No.1 memorize the fastest 'Thank you also for Dr. Ernest Wong. I do not

in vain to follow the SMART KID. "

(Eddy Wardy - Parents of Monica, Ryan & Ricky)

Your child (age 8-11 years) will learn:

* How to Make Learning Fun Being.
* Improving the facts and Images Far More Easily with SUPER
* Memories TRAINING.
* Have High Self-Esteem.
* Increase Communication Capability & Friendship.
300%.">* Improve Reading Speed & Comprehension to> 300%.
* Earned Value "A" in the Trials by Using Exam Technique who



Rp. 4.450.000/anak

LIMITED TO 20 PEOPLE Registrant Today:

Rp. 4.45 million, - FOR 2 PEOPLE

You can call right now,
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021-547 6677


If you miss an email from us this morning,
You can learn about the importance of friends in the development of your life:
obert Kiyosaki has attended a seminar 22 years ago where the instructor asked Robert to write the six names of people who most often spend time with Robert. Then the instructor is writing and announced, "You're looking at the future of you, the sixth man most frequently spend time with you guys you guys are the future."

Now please you perform the same task, write the six people who most often with you guys. It may not always be your friend, they may be coworkers, spouse, children, religious groups, or your social group. My personal time working on this job six years ago, my names dominated the list of co-workers. Now after six years had passed, the five other people in my old list is still a good friend of mine, but we rarely see. They are nice people and they live happily with their lives. My changes only involve myself, I want to change my future. To be successful to get it, I must change my way of thinking and consequently also change the people who spent time with me.

I think personally, our success depends on two things:

1. Whatever is included in our brains.

2. Anyone who knows us

Robert Kiyosaki and I did not choose my friends based on their financial circumstances. We choose friends who are obviously friends vow of poverty as well as generating millions of dollars each year. I mean, we learn from them all and we consciously try to learn from them. We admit that there are people that I want because they have money. But I do not chase their money, I searched their knowledge. In some cases people who have a lot of money to be good friends, but not all. We also learn from our friends who struggle financially, we learned what not to do.

Many people came to the place of rich friends, but they came to seek one or two things or both, namely:

1. Loans / debt

2. Job

They never come to a rich friend to ask how they can get rich.

Did you select the friends you want to be ..?

Find someone who has done what you wanted to do, take them to lunch, ask for advice to them how they became successful.

Suharto Conspiracy - CIA: the overthrow of Sukarno 1965-1967, 48 Years in Russia, Sukirno Martosukarjo Finally Returning
Title: Conspiracy of Suharto - the CIA: the overthrow of Sukarno 1965-1967
Authors: Prof. Peter Dale Scott (summary by M. Adnan Anwar)
Publisher: PMII Unair & PeKad (Association of National Anti-Discrimination)
Printed: 1998
Thickness: 59 pages

Peter Dale Scott's short paper, Professor of the University of California, Berkeley discusses how the involvement of the United States (U.S.) in an effort to overthrow Sukarno (Soekarno) is dirty and bloody. This paper is so important because of the history surrounding the events of "September 30 Movement" (Gestapu) many are hidden, removed and reversed by the New Order regime. Massacres against allies Bung Karno (BK), which is the result of leftist conspiracy CIA-British intelligence helped Suharto, Japan and Germany.

However, Suharto and his clan rules, Gestapu is a leftist assault (alleged PKI) to right (General Ahmad Yani cs), which brought the restoration of power and then cleaning leftists as punishment by the middle class (Suharto's claim to his position here). In fact, according to Scott by pretending to do Gestapu, Companions of the Right (Soeharto cs) in the Army (Army) Indonesian eliminate the middle class (Yani et al who, although critical, but remain loyal to BK).In other words, Gestapu is merely the first phase of three phases, which aided in secret by U.S. officials and a spokesman, the first stage: Gestapu "coup" left-wing pseudo-(Col Fortunately cs). Second, the KAF Gestapu; ie PKI retaliation by killing en masse, and 3: BK supporting a massive erosion and progressive.

This summary will I make in the three major frameworks, namely the reason / motivation of the CIA dropped BK, how the CIA in creating the desire and the evidence. One of the strongest reasons to be eliminated by the CIA BK because BK close friendship with China and the Soviet bloc. Since 1953, the U.S. interest to help spark a crisis in Indonesia, which is recognized as a "direct cause" that stimulates BK end the Indonesian parliamentary system and declaring an emergency military force, and incorporates the "officer corps" is officially in political life (March 14, 1957); a political blunder BK.

While the steps taken to realize his ambition was the CIA that the military faction of the right arm-like Suharto, Walandouw, Suwarto, Sarwo Edhie, Kemal Idris, Ibnu Sutowo, Basuki Rahmat, Djuhartono, etc.-and right-wing party (Masyumi and PSI) to further minimize the effect of BK. The CIA's scenario for me in six points. First, the CIA supported the rebellion / resistance to BK. Like the aid of weapons and personnel by the CIA to support the rebellion PRRI / Permesta (Col. Walandouw) in West Sumatra to fight but can be suppressed BK-(1957-1958).Then events Lubis (1956) with characters Suwarto and Kemal Idris, and PSI.

Second, the Civic Mission program. After failing with a series resistance is felt, August 1, 1958 the U.S. provided military assistance to Indonesia reached $ 20 million a year. Control (read: control) of this AD is considered important, because the U.S. considers only the AD that is able to offset the strength of PKI.

SESKOAD years ago was established in 1958 in Bandung, which received the full support of the Pentagon, the RAND and the Ford Foundation. General Suwarto who had been educated in the U.S. that could play an important role in transforming the Army from a counter-revolution revolutionary function designated as the responsible school. Under Nasution and Suwarto, SESKOAD develop a new strategic doctrine that is Territory War doctrine, which gives priority to counter-insurgency as the role of AD. SESKOAD Suharto signed with the rank of Colonel (October 1959) and a student who is "gifted." Evidently, he was involved in the preparation of regional war doctrine as well as in the policies of the AD on the Civic Mission / Civic Action.

In SESKOAD, Army officers and civilian pro-PSI-also taught economics and administration of governance so that the Army began to cooperate and even dare to sign contracts with U.S. companies and other foreign countries outside the agreement BK regime.

In 1962, the CIA helped establish the U.S. Foreign Ministry MILTAC (Military Training Advisory Group Advisory Group = Military Exercises) in Jakarta to provide assistance in implementing programs SESKOAD Civic Mission. This program is actually an Army officer infiltration into all areas of government activities and tasks of governance. Proven, anti-Chinese riots inspired by the AD occurred in West Java in 1959 by Colonel Kosasih that finance local punks gang with the aim of damaging relations between Indonesia and China. Then followed months of student riots in May 1963 and repeated in January 1966 in Bandung and Jakarta in October 1965.

Third, the existence of internal conflicts in the body of the AD. According to Harold Crouch, by 1965 AD split into two, namely Yani cs middle group who acted against BK on national unity because of the PKI go inside. Second camp, AD-right groups that Nasution and Suharto (Basuki Rahmat Sudirman from SESKOAD et al) who acted against the wisdom that having Soekarnoism Yani (because they do not agree to seize power BK).

The existence of the conflict is indicated by Pati AD: First, in January 1965, Suharto held a meeting with union attitudes AD group urged Nasution to take the attitude that is more attuned to the BK. Second, the April 1965 seminar held in SESKOAD to seek a compromise that is a strategic doctrine that is Ubaya Tri Sakti which reaffirms the demand to have an independent political role freely.

Fourth, the U.S. program under the pretext of aid. The process can also be understood BK dropped from U.S. aid to Indonesia in the years 1963-1965, through the channel "sales commissions" or a financial contribution to support the political interests of Soeharto. For example the help of U.S. software remain devoted to the Army and Police Mobile Brigade-for-fighting forces with the PKI, which is its prime. 200 aircraft as well as assistance to the Army Commanders Aero-AU-not (July 1965), which is held sales agency commissions, Bob Hasan, a friend of Suharto. Both were friends since Soeharto as the Diponegoro Military Command. In particular, they have also established two shipping companies that have operated in the Diponegoro Division. Be unique when aid to switch from U.S. aid to Indonesia (as State) to help finance the changes to one component state that is not loyal to their own people.

However, when Lyndon Johnson became president of the United States, precisely in December 1964, U.S. aid is terminated. This result indicates that the U.S. intentionally participated actively take part to destabilize the Indonesian economy in the weeks leading Gestapu, when the price of rice rose 4x and dollar prices soared.

In fiscal year 1965, the New York Times declared "all U.S. aid to Indonesia has been halted, then the number of personnel MAP (Military Assistance Program) in Jakarta, in reality, it has increased to levels far beyond than that has been projected."

tabelTabel above shows that the Civic Action program improved.

Fifth, the occurrence of events and the role of Suharto in 1965. By August 1964, Suharto began to make political contacts with Malaysia, Japan, UK and U.S.. According to Mrazek, contact Suharto was an interesting assessment to be reconciled with a best Indonesian Army troops (the anti-communist) to Java before sending a battalion of Diponegoro (which has been infiltrated PKI) to Malaysia that could be understood as the preparations to usurp the authority of government.

Sept. 30, six generals (Yani, Suprapto, Sutoyo, S. Parman, MT. Haryono, IN Panjaitan), a pamen (Tendean), a Pama (KS Tubun) were killed by Lucky Col movement cs. Interestingly, no one general who became the target of anti BK Gestapu, except Nasution that are problematic, ie, before 1961, the CIA was disappointed that the projected Nasution rid supports BK BK reversed, and he criticized the USA's involvement in the Vietnam War. Nasution also Suharto's attitude to the cold due to his corruption case against Suharto Nasution examination in 1959 when the Diponegoro Military Command. "Becoming increasingly bizarre" when Suharto who was then holding the largest troop command (Kostrad) in fact "no entry" in the list of kidnappings.

Fortunately statement on behalf of Gestapu that protects BK "Council" CIA-backed coup that will plan prior to October 5, 1965 by alert troops from East Java, Central Java and West Java. In fact, these troops were invited to Jakarta to commemorate Armed Forces Day, October 5, 1965.Become strange when Suharto was later made a statement to quell the aftershocks Gestapu with AD remain to declare loyalty and accused the CPI plus BK AURI element that killed six generals just because of the location of wells near the Base Crocodile Hole Halim. The presence of BK, Oemar Dhani (Air Force Chief) and DN Aidhit (Chairman PKI) which diskenariokan such a way (they are in Halim) becomes a powerful weapon for BK mendelegitimasi image to generate a negative impression of the existence of the conspiracy BK-AURI and the PKI. Suharto's role is so important in this scenario. Posing as defenders of the status quo but in reality it is planning its own moves to seize power. A scenario which was then imitated by General Pinochet in Chile (1970-1973) and also in Cambodia (1970).

Interesting because both the perpetrators Gestapu (Fortunately, Cs) or which are utterly alike of the Diponegoro Division (Battalion 454), where Suharto had become Pangdamnya. The more interesting because of the fact many leaders are graduates of U.S. educational Gestapu. So there is continuity / continuity between the results achieved Gestapu (kill Yani cs), followed by Suharto on behalf of crushing Gestapu, then get rid of the remaining supporters of BK.

Overkill in a systematic and widespread and most devastating occurred precisely when Danjen RPKAD, Kol. Sarwo Edhie moved from Jakarta to Central Java and East Java to Jakarta and then back again. Civilians who were involved in the massacre were trained in the local area by AD or mobilized from the group (Gemsos Soksi and student organizations sponsored by the Army and the CIA), which for years has worked with AD about political issues; what is called as Civic Action.

Sixth, U.S. support for Suharto's faction. Evidence of the involvement of the people Suharto collaborating with the CIA, for example: First, a few months before Gestapu, a representative of Suharto, Colonel Walandouw (actor PRRI uprising), which has a long relationship with the CIA had contacted the U.S. government.

In May 1965, Lockheed commissions (CIA) in Indonesia have been transferred to a new contract and the company established in Indonesia by his agent or broker who has long nurtured Lockheed. This transfer is due to political considerations. In addition there are also Walandouw Dasaad and General Alamsyah; generals who supported Suharto in the early era of his regime because Alamsyah mastering specific large funds. Dasaad-Alamsyah Lockhedd-carriage coupled with Suharto, who recently graduated from SESKOAD. It is also recommended at least the U.S. Embassy in 1966.

Third in April 1965, an American company, Freeport Shulpur has reached a preliminary agreement with the Indonesian authorities, who will later become an investment of $ 500 million in the area of copper in West Papua. September 1965 in a short time, after the world's oil and gas industry reports that Indonesia's oil decreases sharply which can lead to a political crisis, the president ASAMERA in a joint venture with General Ibnu Sutowo Pertaminanya has been buying shares in companies threatened to pretend bankrupt was worth only $ 50 thousand.Ironically, the payment on 9 and 21 September 1965 was reported in The Wall Street Journal dated 9 and 30 September, the day of the Gestapu. This very "magic", when the State dalamkondisi emergency. But there's a business deal between the AD process (Pertamina) with the U.S..

Evidence of CIA involvement. Evidence of CIA involvement in the overthrow of BK, including: First, less than a year after Gestapu and bloodshed, with cheerful-happy James Reston wrote that great humanitarian tragedy with the theme "A spark, Rays in Asia": "Washington was careful to does not state a compliment to any change that ... ... in the country's sixth most populous in the world, and one of the richest countries in the world, but it does not mean that Washington did not have any connection with this incident. "

Secondly, the existence of contacts Indonesian anti-communist forces with an official Washington, which is located very high before and during the massacres. Third, the testimony of former CIA officer, Ralph McGehee selective sensors have been justified by ex-employer in the CIA.

The strategy was created CIA to destabilize a regime, by creating the actual situation and then spread the distortion interfere scenario to the whole world through mass media propaganda is strong. CIA ruse is a classic that is the plan to destabilize the situation, namely berusaaha convince either the left or right side so can not hope to get protection from the status quo and try to stimulate them to perform an increasingly massive provocation against the opposition.

Deceptive style and this polarization is done by throwing a rumor. This is reinforced by a political observer, Saundhaussen. Rumour has it among others, two weeks before Gestapu (September 14, 1965); the Army warned that there is a gang that will kill the leaders of the army in four days. The second such report was discussed at the headquarters of the Army 30th September 1965. A year earlier, there is also a document that accused the PKI is planning an infiltration into the Army to overthrow "the Nasutionis" (preached a Malaysian daily from Khoirul Saleh, pro-US). Also rumors that the Chinese mainland during 1965 was to smuggle the weapons to the PKI before Gestapu (reported by a Malaysian newspaper, quoting from a source of Bangkok, this is based from Hong Kong).

Propaganda, the CIA tricks involving multinational mass media has become its trademark "Mighty Wurlizzer"; ie basic network and the network of the world press, which through the CIA or the press network partner institutions such as the M16 is extremely difficult to trace the source. The CIA is very smart get into the issue, then as if it was anti U.S., when either the left or right into the trap of being CIA.

Jakarta is very inspiring success of the case and then dropped the CIA to regimes that "not sanctioned" Washington, like the regime in Laos (1959/1961), Sihanouk regime in Cambodia in 1970, and the overthrow of Allende in Chile in 1973 with the password "Jakarta as acerca "(Jakarta is coming).

In Chile, because the military is still reluctant to oppose Allende, the CIA made a false document that uncovered a plot plan of the left to kill the leaders of the Chilean military. News is then disseminated by the mass media to make a military alliance of the CIA who goaded Chile, the CIA provoked and trapped scenario. Soon after President Allende was overthrown and assassinated by the military.

Not felt, during the 10 years my brain stuffed with false histories engineering of the New Order in the movie "G 30 S / PKI" by Arifin C. Noer. Four years in elementary school, three years in junior and three years in high school, our history teachers are forced to teach "cult" in the form of dark history in my brain Gestapu and young people my contemporaries.

Now, the film was made years since Suharto fell in 1984 (1998) were no longer running, as well as the historical film "March 1, 1949 General Offensive" / "The attack Dawn 6 Hours Yogya" / "Yellow on special occasions." This is proof how wrong that history. But strangely, the revised history only on special occasions in Yogya Yellow-rose due to opposition from the Sultan Palace, while the history Gestapu until now -11 years-reforms still dark; sign of this nation will indeed continue to be in the dark. The elite of our leaders (both in the bureaucracy, the military authorities) of the reform era mentality until now has been dying, so that trace the history, said history was just so heavy.

Soeharto's ambition to be able to ascend the throne as king to two Indonesia-filled with bloodied (half) of millions of innocent people and their descendants suffered due to defamation. Fully paid by the overthrow of Sukarno regime and Suharto clan to surrender West Papua to be exploited fully by Freeport; business once strongly opposed by the Bung Karno. For America, this is a form of "reward" for successful return to the bosom of Papua Homeland from the clutches of the Netherlands; a U.S. plan that is consistent length, patiently and neatly structured since the late 40s era (via the Round Table Conference, 1949).

If the search for identity just so troubled nation, if the records to trace the nation's history alone is difficult, if you stretch the truth just scared the nation's history, how can we look to the future of this nation? Of course, the status quo (the pro to evil, barbarity, corruptor, oppression, kedzaliman, the seller's assets nations) continue to be a winner in this case. Indeed, Indonesia is truly a nation that weird?!

(C) aGusJohn,
Ciangsana Valley, April 5, 2009 # more-682

By Renne RA Kawilarang, Farida Harriska Adiati - Wednesday, June 30

VIVAnews - Got "stuck" in Russia for 48 years, only this time Sukirno Martosukarjo return to homeland. Sukirno is one of the few foreigners who are victims of political interests in the past so it is difficult to return to Indonesia.

At 73 years of age who have, Sukirno reunited with some relatives, including Sigit, ahead of a discussion at the Indonesian Foreign Ministry building in Jakarta, Wednesday, June 30, 2010.The atmosphere of emotion is inevitable.

For the government of Indonesia and Russia, the reunion with his family Sukirno a sweet gift for the 60th anniversary of relations between the two countries.

Sukirno also recalled times when he was detained in Russia, which is still called the Soviet Union during the 1960s. In 1962, Sukirno proudly traveled to Russia in exchange programs supported by the two governments. Sukirno ideals to learn as a student of medicine in Moscow had been reached.

However, in 1965, political upheaval in Indonesia and a year later President Soekarno was not longer in power. At the same time, Indonesian students in Russia to form a progressive student organizations who disagree with the coup.

Sukirno come involved in the organization. However, participation was fatal. Together with 12 members of the leadership of these organizations, Sukirno passport revoked by the government, which had by this time led by the New Order regime. Thus, Sukirno and friends no longer a citizen, so can not be returned to their homeland.

Cold War has long ended. In recent years, the political climate in Indonesia and Russia have changed. The Indonesian government policy has changed so much and it was felt by victims of past political as Sukirno.

He revealed just found out from Hamid Awaluddin - who became the Ambassador of Indonesia to Russia since 2008 - changes that have occurred in this country of citizenship law. Thus, Sukirno entitled to claim back an Indonesian passport which was revoked.

However, the flexibility that makes Sukirno embarrassed. Because, Sukirno already become citizens of Russia since 1992 and Indonesia has not been able to approve any citizen who wants to have dual citizenship.

Sukirno with a heavy heart to maintain its status as a Russian citizen, because the current situation - especially the factor of age - making him hard to return to WNI. "I select stay there, here [Indonesia] I can not work," said Sukirno, who now serves as professor in the medical field this.

However, he was very pleased that the relationship of Russia and Indonesia, which has been running for 60 years, is now increasingly open. "Indonesia-Russia relationship is open, I can get there without any problems here," said Sukirno.

Nevertheless, the origin of man was also expressed remorse Yogyakarta because he got high science at a young age can not be utilized for the people in this country. "I actually studied medicine for work in the homeland," said Sukirno.

Meanwhile, Hamid could bring Sukirno delighted with his relatives. According to Hamid, the relationship of both countries have moved forward.

"Moment of the most important, during the 32-year New Order regime, relations between the two countries were not severed, but quiet. But since the Soviet Russia and Indonesia turned into a reformed, a close relationship to walk again," said Hamid.

"The pride for me is a new generation of Russians, aged 18-24 years, any interest to learn Indonesian language. They dance, sing a song of Indonesia such as Thistle or Butet in Batak language," said former Justice Minister was.

Indonesia-Russia trade volume in 2009 reached U.S. $ 1.5 billion. This figure, according to Hamid, very little compared to the volume of trade between Indonesia and other countries.However, when compared with previous years, this figure is likely to be high. (Umi)

i can't vlog with my breakout :(

I feel like such a slacker not having updated my blog in well over a week. I'm suffering a major breakout right now so vlogging is OUT OF THE QUESTION! even though i have so many videos i need to film... so blogging shall be my outlet until my skin is clear again.
I finally got a start date for my job YAY! this is good for me and my bank balance but not so hot for my subscribers... i won't have much daytime filming time :s
I'm gonna try and get some filmed in advance to kind of back me up in case I can't film for like a week but I'm gonna miss vlogging and updating my youtube all the time :(
So excited to start work though... I'm definitely gonna do a video on my transformation from everyday slacker to working girl ;)
on the ttc front it's been driving my fiance mad!! he feels like I should be pregnant already.... it's only been 3 we're both trying to forget about it best we's tough though.

It's been decided we will get married in london as soon as our divorces are both final... i have my dress i've chosen my shoes and i'm going to do some hair looks on video soon for you guys to help me choose ... i think i know what i want though... i'm going for a kind of flowy 60s vibe and for the hair an updo with side swept bangs/fringe ... but that's for a whole other blog entirely... it could happen as early as late august/early september and i can't wait... the dress I have will allow for a bump in case I have one (fingers crossed)
hoping to redesign ny blog in the next few days and by tomorrow have some new videos up...
see you later


miss bb

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Home Interior Decoration

Home Interior Decoration

Home Interior Decoration

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wedding Rings For Wedding Sets

Stylish ring features fancy design center. Ring is crafted of gleaming 14-karat yellow and white gold. Two-tone ring features polished yellow gold and satin white gold.Wedding Rings For Wedding Sets

Monday, June 28, 2010

First Media Gelar Layanan Sitra Wimax 4G news for Internet users with Broad Band connection is super fast, with 4G technology, hopefully until the entire corner of the country such as Telkomsel.

Jakarta (ANTARA) - PT First Media Tbk, Sitra launched its Wimax services, connect high-speed wireless Internet network based on WiMAX technology.

"Sitra Wimax ready to become a pioneer in super-fast wireless Internet service with the best quality," said Director of First Media, Hengkie Liwanto, in between softlaunch "Sitra First 4G WiMAX operators in Indonesia", in Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang, on Monday.

WiMAX technology (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is a wireless broadband internet service to the fourth generation (4G).

Wimax technology itself is based on data that works on 2.3 GHz spectrum band like Wi-Fi but with wider coverage and faster transmission capability that is reached 75 Mbps.

Wimax own Sitra won the tender for the zone in North Sumatera (Sumatra) and four zones covering Greater Jakarta and Banten provinces.

"Sitra Wimax network deployment will be done gradually in the western area of Jakarta and its surroundings," said Hengki.

Meanwhile, Director General of Post and Telecommunications Depkominfo, Budi Setiawan said, welcomed the launch of Wimax Sitra.

"We hope to be a stimulant Sitra Wimax implementation of quality Internet services at high speed in Indonesia," said Budi.

He also asked the Sitra accelerate the development of a network in the territory of Sumatra, to further accelerate distribution of internet networks in the region.

"Sitra had escaped an operation-worthy test (ULO) for the Greater Jakarta area, living ULO for Sumatra region," said Budi.

Associated with fulfilling the spirit of Domestic Component Level (TKDN), he said, the government will actually make clarifications in line with programs to promote domestic industry.

To realize these TKDN, Sitra up with PT Global Technology Research (Trg) as a provider of WiMAX devices such as customer premise equipment (CPE) and base station. In the early stages Trg Sitra will use as a supplier of devices for the Greater Jakarta area.

Meanwhile, President Director Gatot Tetuko Trg say, if it refers to the CPE that is produced then the TKDN already reached above 30 per cent, while the BTS TKDN over 40 per cent.

"The production capacity can reach 5000 Trg CPE units per month, and base stations to reach 200 units per month," he said.

He explained that currently has three units Trg production line CPE and base stations can be improved in accordance with market demand.

According to Kumaran Singaram, Sitra target can reach customers as much 100000-150000 WiMAX subscribers in the first year or June 2011.

"A total of 500 000 subscribers by year three, and as many as one million customers until April 2015," said Kumaran.


cool beds

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Residential Interior Design

Residential Interior Design - How To Keep It Simple
By Wade Robins

Residential Interior Design

One of the major setbacks in a residential interior design project is not seeing eye to eye with the interior designer. There are homeowners who just don't know when to step back and allow the professionals to take charge of the project. Still, there are others who seem to give free rein at first but rant about the details when the project is almost done.

To make the residential interior design project a smooth and hassle-free one, you have to clearly delineate the roles from the very beginning. How much control do you want to wield? How much freedom are you willing to give your designer? Would you trust him with his own set of contractors?

Individuals who hire a professional for residential interior design must make it clear from the start how much freedom they're willing to give the designer in terms of decisions and relationships with contractors.

One common problem that arises with a number of residential interior design projects is that owners can't help but put in their two cents' worth once the contractors step in, and this may somewhat be distressing on the designer's part.

The owner should also agree with the designer on a reasonable time frame for the residential interior design project. It should be made clear that the plan is well laid out before actual work takes place and that budget limits are clearly set beforehand.

Residential Interior Design

It is also important to set aside a portion of the budget to provide for contingency expenses. In addition, if the owner requests changes that were not initially included in the residential interior design plan, he must be ready to shoulder the expenses involved to carry out these modifications.

Why Space Planning Is Important

In residential interior design, space is a crucial factor because a space that is too large or too small may drastically limit the possibilities of a desired residential interior design. Even existing doors and windows greatly affects the planned renovation, and covering these up or constructing new structures again involve an adjustment in time and budget.

Residential Interior Design

Generally, residential interior design [] project would involve furniture and fixture selection, color, space planning, and the more complicated plumbing and electrical wiring. It is, of course, easier to plan a residential interior design project with an empty room or house, but this isn't always the case.

In summation, undertaking a residential interior design project can be a very fulfilling task if guidelines are set down at the start. You will also be able to enjoy a more harmonious relationship with the designer if you spend time to consult with him and give him as much information as possible on the kind of outcome you are
targeting for your residential interior design.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Home Decorating Ideas which will inspire you to create a fresh

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Inspirational Interior Design Ideas for Living Room Design

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

White interior

Wishes of the customer of the given interior were accurate and simple. The apartment should be similar to apartment of the architect — spacious, filled with light and white.Fine lay-out of apartmentThe apartment is on the top floor of the residential building located in the east of the city of Graz. The house is very successfully located, subcentral, comfortable — with access to balconies and

White interior

Wishes of the customer of the given interior were accurate and simple. The apartment should be similar to apartment of the architect — spacious, filled with light and white.Fine lay-out of apartmentThe apartment is on the top floor of the residential building located in the east of the city of Graz. The house is very successfully located, subcentral, comfortable — with access to balconies and

New evolutionary phase of the Darvinian centre

The Darwin Centre Phase II, additional case Natural History Museum in London, project C. F. Møller Architects became the main winner 2009 Concrete Society Awards.Outstanding technologiesThe building form-cocoon has been poured out on a site — this criterion became solving for a jury estimation. To reach such result, outstanding technologies and efforts were required. The concrete cockleshell

New evolutionary phase of the Darvinian centre

The Darwin Centre Phase II, additional case Natural History Museum in London, project C. F. Møller Architects became the main winner 2009 Concrete Society Awards.Outstanding technologiesThe building form-cocoon has been poured out on a site — this criterion became solving for a jury estimation. To reach such result, outstanding technologies and efforts were required. The concrete cockleshell

The house on a beach by Jorge Hrdina

What for the house on the sea if from the house it is not visible the sea is necessary. It seems, architect Jorge Hrdina and thought, building this house almost without walls...Glass instead of wallsIn this house of a window, certainly, dominate. All structure gives ease and beauty of the general ensemble of lines and planes. Ease is supported with absence of thick columns, walls etc. which, as a

The house on a beach by Jorge Hrdina

What for the house on the sea if from the house it is not visible the sea is necessary. It seems, architect Jorge Hrdina and thought, building this house almost without walls...Glass instead of wallsIn this house of a window, certainly, dominate. All structure gives ease and beauty of the general ensemble of lines and planes. Ease is supported with absence of thick columns, walls etc. which, as a

Friday, June 25, 2010

Kids Bed

Kids Bed

Kids Bed

Kids Bed





Leather Sofas

Leather Sofas


Corner sofa


Leather Sofa





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interior of minimalist home

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minimalist home design

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luxury minimalist home design

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